20150905-06-Scout Communicator Badge Course港島地域通訊專章訓練班


OL72AJ Scout camp site & HF Antenna


20150905-06-Scout Communicator Badge Course
(Training Camp -QTH OL72AJ)
CQ AA contest
VR2HKS will participate in CQ AA 2015 contest.
Candidates from Communicator badge course will participate.
During the course-Scout member,
Will learn the Amateur Radio theories, tools & practice on air both VHF, UHF & HF ,
Also inside the camp they even join the Two Echo link Scout net …
Part A
UK Scout  Net
With help  VR2XNG & VR2UNG &  ex-Senior-Course  Scouts helpers,
We  join the  round  table  QSO  as usual…..
share the happy parts was UK Scouts camping Gilwell Park Campsite & VR2HKS At Yuen Long Scout Campsite.
both Hong Kong & UK Scout can share lot of Radio-scouting Fun.
Part B
World  Scout  Net  via Echo-link,
with Help  from VR2XNG &  Course Scout.,
VR2HKS join  with successful  QSO Confirm with UK,  USA, Venezuela, Canada  & Brazil.
CQAA Contest was last for 48 hours,
VR2HKS course members participate during camping period.,
so that our course members can join & learn,
Confirm QSO Distance via HF-
Our nearest QSO QTH one of VR2HKS Mentor Charlie/VR2XMT About 20 km.,
Fareaway QSO QTH  KE3X/USA About 13110 km.
Thanks all OM helps & even come to campsite support Technical problems .
Specially thanks ex-Scout Communicator Badge (Proficency and Instructor) Scout members Who join & help this Course &  on site.
See you on coming Course & JOTA.
73 Farid/VR2UNG



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